What is Oklahoma Cup

Oklahoma Cup is an Oklahoma invitational contest that is very similar in style to the AFA CyberPatriot competition. The emphasis of the Oklahoma Cup is to give teams extra competition and training in the field of cybersecurity. Each round of the Oklahoma Cup will have teams fixing flaws, securing settings, cleaning up malware, and answering forensic questions. Each round will include virtual machine images of Windows Desktop, Windows Server, Linux Desktop, and Cisco Packet tracers. Teams may contain between 2 and 6 members. There will be a two-day window available for each round that teams can choose when to compete in. The images will have a timer allowing the teams to advance as far as they can in a three-hour window. 

Who can participate

Any Oklahoma teams with a coach are eligible. This includes adult students that would not be eligible for CyberPatriot. 

Where teams compete

Teams will compete remotely. The images will be available to download in advance so coaches can have a competition area prepared in advance for the competition date. The images will report to a live scoreboard where team members and coaches can see how they are doing versus other teams. 

When is the competition

Oct. 5-8 – Oklahoma Cup Round 1

Oct. 19-23 – CyberPatriot Round 1


Oct. 26-29 – Oklahoma Cup Round 2

Nov. 2-6 – CyberPatriot Round 2


Nov. 30 - Dec. 3 – Oklahoma Cup Round 3

Dec. 7-11 – CyberPatriot State Round

How to register

Coaches may register up to 5 teams and must be registered by October 1st to be part of the competition. Registration of teams can be completed at the following address: 


What equipment do I need to compete?

What is the cost to compete?

This contest is free to register and compete in.

Why compete

Oklahoma Cup is a free and hopefully fun resource to use with your students. Serious teams can use this to help prepare them for CyberPatriot competitions. Casual teams can use this for learning a serious subject in a game like atmosphere. 

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